Friday, April 27, 2012

Six Months (Seis Meses)

In six months, I will be in Perú serving the children who live in the jungle, teaching Vacation Bible School to them and hugging them every chance I get.

Summer is my favorite time of year--I actually get depressed in the Fall and Winter, for which I have been reprimanded and criticized, but it happens.  Because of that, I don't ever wish for summer to go by fast, but I can't wait until October when I will be in Perú with those children.

Besides that, on the last day in the country, I will get to meet Jack.

But six months seems such a long time.

If it seems that long to me, imagine how long it seems to a child.  Not just a child, but a child waiting for help, waiting for a sponsor to love and nurture him or her.

The Compassion US website has 103 children who have been waiting six months or longer for a sponsor.  Imagine the joy you would bring to a child and his or her family if you would choose one to sponsor.

Here's the link--go for it!  Children Waiting Longest for a Sponsor


  1. Wait--you get reprimanded and criticized for getting depressed in fall and winter? Why? There are some very real reasons for that and a lot of people do get depressed then. I know that wasn't the purpose of your post, but it's what caught my eye.

  2. I should be happy with what God has created. But I don't like when things die and the trees are bare and I'm cold.

  3. I get depressed in the winter too, but would be so excited to go to Peru! My Helen Angela lives in Peru, near the coast. I'm so happy you're going to get the chance to visit your sponsored child! You must be so so so excited!

  4. I'm so excited, but know that I don't even realize how awesome it will be. Jack also lives near the coast--sort of--and I live next to the Atlantic, so I send him pictures of the ocean often.