Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amazing Letter from Jack

Jack wrote this letter in January, the day before my birthday.  Kinda cool.  :)

First the bad news.  Jack had his appendix removed.  Therefore, he did not have a good Christmas, and he is not permitted to play the trumpet (mi instrumento preferido) or . . . futbol!  He loves futbol.  So I guess Jack and I have something in common--neither of us can do what we like because of an injury.  I am very glad that Jack is in the Compassion program so that he was able to receive proper care.  

Jack writes to me more than any of the others that I sponsor, but this is the first time he has sent pictures.  In his previous letter he said he would try to send some, and he sent four.  I LOVE them!!  In the letter and with the pictures, he says, "I love you very much, Mindi" three times.  I can NOT wait to meet him.

This picture is of him and his friends who like music.  He is second from the left.  He writes on the back of the picture: "En esto foto salgo y con mis amigos que les gusta la musica."  (If you know Spanish, you will see that his spelling and grammar are not perfect.)  The picture is printed on plain paper, so the quality is not great.
For this one he says that he is with the instrument he plays in school.  Is he a cool cat, or what?  :)  ("En esto [esta] foto estoy con mi instrumento que toco en mi coligio [colegio].)
In a previous letter, Jack told me that his school football team was playing in the championship.  I'm wondering if this is from that championship.  He says it is when he and his friends played in the Olympics.  I love this photo, too.
And this is the best one.  He says this picture was taken of him when he was thinking of Christ and that he hopes I will put it in a frame and think of him when I see his picture.  (Esta es mi foto cuando me tomaron pensando en Cristo.  Espero lo lengo (?) en un cuadro y cuando lo via mi foto piense en mi.)
There are no words for this one.  <3
This is the part of the letter that really gets me (other than the three times that he says he loves me very much).  He says, "I want to know will you ever visit me so I can meet you?  I long to meet you and I hope God will allow me to."

And I long to tell him that I plan to be there in six months, but I dare not say it. Not only have I read Of Mice and Men, but I have taught it several times, and I know about those "best laid plans," although I believe this one will work out.  There is a special bond between us, so we need to meet.  It is so cool to me to think that Jack was originally my correspondent child.  

So that's my awesome letter from Jack.  I hope it brings you some joy.  It certainly brought great joy to an otherwise very tiring day for me.

I can't wait to meet him.  I just want to sit and talk with him . . . and maybe play a little futbol.  :)


  1. He seems like quite the character! What a darling and handsome young man! I can't wait to hear about your meeting!

  2. Doesn't he? I think I will just hug him and cry with joy.

  3. What a great looking musician! I wonder if his music group is any good and if they perform anywhere. I'm excited for you to meet him!