Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Card

Here's a cool idea I got from a post on OurCompassion.  I'm making a birthday card for Nancy, who will be 7 in June.  I added a picture of me when I was about her age.  I think it will give her another sense of connection with me, and I know she will like it because Nancy is so sweet.
I made the background of the card pink only because Nancy loves pink.  I do not.
I was at Cedar Point when my picture was taken.  I'm pretty proud of those saddle shoes and the outfit that my mom made herself.  (My mom made most of the clothes for my sister and me when we were kids because it cost less than buying them and we didn't have much.)
I can't wait to do this for Mindy, whose birthday is in July.  I think it will be funny to have Mindy on the left and Mindi on the right.  :)