Monday, April 2, 2012

Free--Limited Time!! Don't Hesitate!

For the next seven days (ending at exactly 9:59 AM PST, Monday, April 9), when you sponsor a child by clicking this link, you will receive a free (yes, that's right--FREE) tee shirt from Sevenly.  You must use the link to get the free shirt.

Or, if you buy one of the shirts pictured above from Sevenly, $7 will go to buy a mosquito net for a child in Rwanda.

Every year, more than one million people die of malaria, and 3/4 of those deaths are children living in Africa.  Malaria is a preventable disease, so what a tragedy it is that these children die from it--one child every 30 seconds!!

Do your part to help prevent these needless deaths.  Sponsor a child through Compassion and receive a free shirt from Sevenly, or buy a Take Malaria Down shirt from Sevenly in order to contribute to the purchase of a mosquito net.  

Give up Starbuck's and Krispy Kreme for a day to help save a life.  This is one act I guarantee you will never regret.

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