Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Felix Needs You!

I want so much for this boy to find a sponsor.

His name is Felix, and he lives in Uganda.  He is ten years old and has five siblings.

I just love his picture.  He looks so proud (in a good way) and confident.

Here's why I want someone to sponsor him--he lives in a community where the average income in ONE DOLLAR A MONTH.

Think about that.  Could you even live on one dollar a day?  I know we don't live in the same kind of society as he, but seriously, one dollar a month?  I can't imagine.   How do they eat?

Felix needs a sponsor.  Click below to be the one.



  1. I have added this precious boy to my prayer list. I hope he finds a sponsor soon!

  2. Felix has been sponsored! I asked people to pray that he would be sponsored by the end of the week, and one of those people sponsored him. :)