Bite Back

Bite Back is the name of Compassion's Malaria Prevention program.  It strives to raise money to buy mosquito nets for families susceptible to malaria, to provide education for the families, and to treat those suffering from malaria, chagas disease, and dengue fever.  (Information from Compassion website.)

You can purchase a mosquito net write now by clicking on the Bite Back link at the top.  One net costs only $10 and can protect a family of four.  

I held a yard sale in September to raise money to purchase nets from Bite Back.  I was hoping to raise $200.  I raised $200!  Those nets are right now potentially saving the lives of 80 people.  Somewhere, there is a mother who is resting more peacefully because she knows that her children are protected from the malaria carrying mosquitos just because of those nets.

We are currently working on the 58 campaign.  My goal is to get people to buy at least 58 nets before the end of June.  So far, I am only on 17 nets, but that's still a good number of lives that are being saved.   Soon I will receive money to purchase 40 more nets.  That will bring me to within 11 nets of my goal.

Don't you want to help?  Only $10 to save four lives.  What a deal!

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