Friday, July 6, 2012

Enjoy Every Moment

On Monday, the 2nd, I was thinking about how I often wish away my time.  There are so many things I was looking forward to--a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend with my nephew to see the Pirates, a Compassion Advocates retreat the following weekend, and the ultimate--my tip to Perú in October.
Then I realized, hey, this is my month off from work, and I'm wishing it away.  So I decided that I need to remember to treasure each moment, and even though I look forward to those events, not to wish the days away so that I can get to them.

Then I got a call from my brother at 6:30 on Tuesday morning.  I sleep really deeply, so I didn't wake up right away, and I was so groggy that I couldn't find my phone in time to answer.  But I thought, "If he's calling me this early, something happened to one of his kids."

That was confirmed when I called him back.  My 17-year-old nephew had flipped a street legal golf cart and completely destroyed all the bones in his ankle.  I went to the hospital to be with him while he waited for surgery--reconstructive surgery.  The most difficult thing I've ever had to do was watch him lie there in excruciating pain.

My nephew is like my own son.  We have been close friends since he was first born.  We have traveled the country visiting various baseball parks.  When he was younger, he used to call me and ask me to "tum pick me up" so he could spend the weekend with me.  He has often said he wishes I could be his mom.

Watching him was like watching my own child.

The surgery was a success (thanks to a lot of metal), and on Wednesday, we were able to go on a little adventure in a wheelchair three floors down to the vending machine, and then go back up to his floor to watch fireworks from across the river in Norfolk.  It was something I will always remember.

I am reminded again not to wish away my time.  The trip to Pittsburgh is off, of course.  I might not make it to the Compassion Advocates Retreat.  But the most important thing is for me to help my brother with my nephew and treasure every moment I have with him.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Los Dibujos de Isaac

I love Isaac's drawings.  Even though he's been writing his own letters since I started sponsoring him when he was 7, he always draws.  I have fun trying to figure out what each item is, and his drawings have become more detailed.  I share them here for your enjoyment.
Parachuting off a tree house?

Clearly, a volcano