My Compassion Family

Sponsored Children

Jack from Peru was my correspondence child, but his sponsor dropped him a year ago, and since Jack had already confided so much in me, and because his father had just died, I had to pick him up.

Katiusca lives in the DR with her grandparents.  She is 17.  I sponsored her for the same reason I chose Dulce.  I'm looking forward to developing a relationship with her.

Correspondence Children

Anett from Uganda.  My heart goes out to Annet.  She asked me to pray that her parents stay alive.

Maria Fernanda from Honduras.  Fernanda is just a typical teenage girl.  She tells me that she is often lonely and sad.  I wish I could fly to Honduras and tell her how beautiful and special she is.

Yuleisy from the Dominican.  She is my latest and final correspondence child (only three permitted).

So I was wrong.  Yuleisy was not my last correspondence child.  Because the need was so great after many children were sponsored, I received a fourth.  Her name is Elainis, and she also lives in the DR.  

Yet another for correspondence!  Mahindrin in Indonesia.

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