Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Letter from Alberto

Alberto can draw well for one so young.

I received my first letter from Alberto this past week.  It is the introductory letter that is always the first letter.  The picture above is what he drew for me.  He’s only 7, so I think that’s really very good.
His first name is Camilo, so that’s what I’ve been calling him, but he goes by his second name, Alberto.  He lives in Colombia.  He has two sisters and three brothers!  I’m excited to be his sponsor because he had been waiting over six months (which could actually mean a couple of years) for a sponsor.  He’s SO cute; I’d like to squeeze him.  :)
His teacher says that he is “muy juicisoso y obediente”--very wise and obedient.  
I really look forward to getting to know Alberto better.  I hope I can be a blessing to his very large family.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Magic Trick for Kristen

Some skeptics have asked me how I can trust Compassion, how I know that my money really goes to the child.
If you’re one of those people wondering, or if you just want to see how your money is used, you have to read this blog post.  It’s so encouraging.
And it makes me want to help even more.