Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Is Child Sponsorship?

Wanna make someone's day? . . . . . . Wait--what I really mean is, "Wanna make someone's LIFE?"
Sponsor a child!

What does it mean when you sponsor a child?  Does it mean you just send some money and write some letters?

Um . . . no.

Here are the benefits for a child when you sponsor him or her:  meals and nutrition, hygiene education, tutoring, Biblical education, life skills education, medical checkups, and new friends at the Compassion project!

Here is the benefit for you:  a heart FULL of love for someone thousands of miles away whom you may or may not ever meet in person.

The relationship you develop with the child through letter writing is indescribable. It is mind-boggling how much a letter means to a sponsored child.  And wait until you see how much it means to YOU.

But what about those children who have to wait for a sponsor?  Some have been waiting for months.  I'm not sure why some are left so long without having someone pick them, but you could change the life of one of those children right now by clicking the link below.  You will never regret it.

Sponsor a "longest waiting child."

Camilo Alberto had been waiting a long time when I chose him.  I wish I could have seen him when he was told that he FINALLY had a sponsor.  He makes me smile, and as you can see, I make him smile.  :)


  1. This is fantastic. It makes me want to sponsor another child! Even though I already sponsor two and correspond with three and I know I can't afford another one. That is a great thing. Someday, there will be another child.

  2. Wow! Thanks, Kayla. That's awesome if someone who's already a sponsor is influenced. :)

  3. Your child is beautiful. I sponsored my first child today. :)