Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eating Like My Children

All Compassion Advocates received this book by Chris Seay.  It is divided into 40 readings, so it lends itself to a Lenten reading.  I began reading last Wednesday, so I'm four days late starting on the following plan.

The idea is to eat as the poor eat, the children we sponsor.  I am always frustrated by how much we have in this country.  I rarely watch TV, only for sporting events, but when I see the commercials for the incredibly unhealthy and overindulgent food, it makes me ill.  Not ill because if I actually ate that food, I would be ill (because I would), but ill because we have so much, and so many have so little.

For me to participate in this eating plan is very important, a way for me to try to avoid the ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food that we consume in this country every day.  So tomorrow I begin eating beans, corn, potatoes (rice is an option, but I really dislike it), soup, and fruit.  Most of my children eat bananas, but I'm allergic to them, so I have to adjust that a bit.  I am already happy about this for one reason--I was amazed at how low my grocery bill was today.  It was about half of what it usually is for a week, and I don't even buy the prepackaged, calorie and fat laden food that most people buy.  I'm excited to see where this leads me spiritually and physically.

However, I'm feeling a bit sad.  I haven't received a letter for more than two weeks, and with 12 children, I sort of thought I would have had another by now.

I feel as if I'm failing as an Advocate.  A friend sponsored a child last spring after listening to me talk about my children, and that's what made me think about becoming an Advocate.  I've only been one for about 6 months, but I have not been able to get any new sponsors.  I have raised money for Bite Back, but that's it.

My church won't let me present Compassion on Compassion Sunday, although I might be permitted to have a sponsor table, but I'm still waiting to find out.  I'm going to try to present to Sunday School classes, but I feel pretty discouraged about even trying.

I teach preschool Sunday School every few months.  Today was my last day for this month (duh).  The last Sunday of the month is always movie day.  First, my helper met me at the room and said he couldn't help because he wanted to go to the service.  Then I burned the popcorn in the dilapidated microwave.  The children weren't very interested in the movie and kept wanting to play with the toys instead.  The people who came in to teach the 11:00 Sunday School complained about my popcorn fiasco and said, "All you had to do was push the popcorn button on the microwave."  Well, that's what I did!  And look what happened.

So I feel like a failure today, but at least I can feel as if I'm identifying with my Compassion children by eating like them, and I can feel an even deeper connection to them.


  1. I am wanting to do this book as well (I was hoping to do it for Lent, but didn't find it in stores, and now I am way behind). I will hopefully start next weekend, so although I'll be a bit behind you it will be good to hear how you are doing with it and be encouraged by you!

    I only have 4 kids, so I am sure you recieve more letters than I do, but I feel like I go in waves. I'll get 4 letters within one or two weeks, and then won't get any for 5 or 6 weeks. I am sure there are some on the way.

    And please, don't feel discouraged...don't underestimate what a great impact you are having, for the child you did find a sponsor for, and possibly many more who will eventually be sponsored because of you. You have to keep in mind that it is our job to be obedient, God takes care of the hearts. So maybe some of the people you shared with were not heart ready to be sponsors, but you could most definitely be planting seeds for something that could bloom down the road. And don't forget the 12 kids whose lives you are impacting!

    My friend, please know you are not a failure, and I am sure God is using you in ways you don't even realize!

  2. I'm going through this journey,'s so good to know others are as well. I've "customized" it to fit my life and my family, but it's still been a good experience so far. I really enjoyed my first feast day today! But I'm really looking forward to getting back into the fast tomorrow.

    Like Rebecca said, don't feel discouraged. Sometimes all we do is plant seeds. That's all God asks us to do - it's up to Him to bring in the harvest. I've been an advocate for 15+ years now....some years were stellar and some were not. This is God's work and He calls us to join Him. That's exactly what you did. Keep praying, keep planting seeds - you WILL see a harvest.

    You are doing great work just by being a sponsor. I've gone weeks without letters, too - and I have 18 that are writing to me. Hang in there sister!

  3. great review of the book. I ordered mine but it isn't here yet. I didn't know Compassion Advocates receive a copy? How does that work?

    I became an Advocate in June 2011..... I feel some of what you are feeling. My church is not open either to me speaking on behalf of Compassion. God is working through and it has been amazing to see how he has opened doors. He will do that for you too!

    Thanks for sharing.....

    Much love,

  4. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. :)