Tuesday, February 14, 2012

¡Las Fotografías!

I love getting letters with pictures of the kids, not just the posed Compassion pictures, but pictures that their moms or workers at the centers take, especially with gifts.  I used to see other people on OurCompassion post pictures they received and was bummed that I didn't receive any, and then I started receiving them.  Yay.
First is Alberto with the gifts he received for Christmas:  a blue athletic suit, a purple and white sweater, and brown shoes.  :)  Is he beyond cute, or what??  I just want to squeeze him.  

Michelle asked me to pray that her mother would find a job, so I sent a $50 family gift.  Well, Michelle's mom let her spend it all on gifts for herself.  I will meet her mother one day, I have decided.  She loves this little girl so much.  And Michelle loves pink!  I posted a picture of her with last year's birthday gifts that included a pair of pink shoes with rhinestones.  Notice that she has again bought pink shoes along with a pink towel (Disney princesses--the dreams of a little girl), a pink shirt, and some pants.  According to the letter, she also bought other clothes.  Michelle is one girlie girl, and even though I'm not, I LOVE it!!  Just look at how proud she is.  :)


  1. just stopping by to say hi. I love Compassion too! Thanks for sharing.