Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I rode my bike (in spite of the stress fracture in my foot) for the first time in months.  These are the things that I learned or were affirmed to me.

  1. I LOVE riding my bike--such a feeling of freedom.  (affirmed)
  2. Over the winter, the padding in my helmet has disintegrated.  (learned)  I really don't feel like spending money on myself.
  3. Little kids don't watch where they're going when they ride their bikes.  (affirmed)
  4. Cars are dangerous even when I'm on a bike path or service road.  (affirmed)
  5. My foot hurts when I ride.  (learned)
  6. I am grossly out of shape.  (affirmed)

At this point, I have no idea how to connect this to Compassion, but maybe it will lead to something.  I know I was really, really happy to be on my bike even though I rode slowly and was very cautious because of my injury.

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