Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Silas from Kenya.  I have been Silas’s correspondence sponsor for about a year.  In his first letter to me, he wrote, “Thank you for choosing me as your child.”
That’s really all I can say about that.  
Silas is now 20 and has completed the Compassion program.  After he finished 8th grade, he enrolled in a vocation program where he learned welding.  He has now finished that and has a job!  That is even more of an accomplishment in his world than it is for someone in the U.S., in spite of our horrid economy.
Although I have been Silas’s sponsor, his letters have been an inspiration and encouragement to me because of his genuine love for Jesus.  I think if we ever met in person, we would be good friends.  
Since he’s leaving the project, he wrote a departure letter to me. Here are some of the things he said that I like best:
“Thank you for the love you have shown me by taking me to be your sponsored child.”
“Through the sponsorship I was fed with the word of God.  My health was very well cared for and I am healthy and strong because of the balanced diet I was given at the project.”
“Thank you very much for your tender care.  May God richly bless you and continue strengthening to reach to many children who are in need.”
“I am happy because the Lord is my saviour and I trust he is going to guide and protect me.”
“If we don’t meet in this world we shall meet in heaven.  I wish you blessed days of your life.”
The last one makes me cry every time I read it.  I don’t think I can even add any words to explain why.  It is powerful on its own.
Anyone who wonders if he or she should sponsor a child through Compassion, or if the money we send is actually used for the children, need only read Silas’s letter for the answer.
I am truly blessed.

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