Monday, April 18, 2011

My Children

These are my Compassion children.  I had a dream last night that I had all of them together in a big house at the beach for a vacation.  We had lots of fun, but I had to hide two of the boys from someone, I think the government.  Probably the US government, judging from the way it is now.
In my dream, all the children could speak English.  I guess I don't know Spanish well enough yet to dream in that language.
First is Isaac from Mexico and then Francis from Nicaragua. She looks sad, but she's really a very happy and sweet girl.  Many of the children just don't know what to do when they are being photographed.  Beside Francis is Jack from Peru. Jack is the oldest; he just turned 15.  There are some things going on with him that I'm still trying to investigate.  I pray for him a lot.  He began as a correspondent child only, but I now sponsor him financially.
Michelle came to me in an unusual way, which I will explain at a later time.  She lives in El Salvador.  There is something very unique about her, and I'm excited for the Lord to reveal that to me in the coming years.  Two things I already know--she is the only child I have sponsored who is performing above average in school, and she sure knows what to do when someone takes her picture.  Doesn't she just make you smile?
Gethory is from Haiti.  I had been waiting to add a Haitian child, but right when I was ready to do that, the earthquake hit.  It took several months for the Haitian children to become available again because, sadly, Compassion had to determine which ones were still alive.  I have already talked about Gethory a little.  In his introductory letter to me, he said that he cooks for the family.  He's four.  Wow.
Annet is my latest addition.  She is correspondence only.  She lives in Uganda.  I haven't received anything from her yet, but she sure is a cutie in her sweet pink dress. 
I may request another correspondence child.  There are so many needy children, but I have reached the max of my financial sponsorships, I believe.  God will have to make it clear to me if He needs me to add another financial sponsorship.
I love these children.  I wish I had the finances to meet each one in person.

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