Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is a picture that 7-year-old Francis from Nicaragua drew for me.  I love getting pictures from my kids.  Francis always draws very happy looking pictures. 
In her letter to me, she said, “Usted tiene una risa muy bonita.”  And people wonder why I like sponsoring these children!
I chose Francis over a year ago because she lived with her mother and sister, and her parents aren’t married.  Since then her mother has given birth to a little boy.  Francis wanted another sister, but she said she would love the baby even if he were a boy.  Now that he’s born, she talks about him often.  She asked me to pray for him because he has a cough.
Francis is a very sweet girl.  I hope to meet her one day.  She loves candy, and I can’t wait to get a letter telling me what she bought for her birthday this year.  Last year, it was corn flakes, milk, cookies, candies, and plates.  :)

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