Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chalk Walk

I’m sending this photo to my children this week.  I’m with students from the school where I work.  They are in a class called Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow.  We participated in a Chalk Walk at the Boardwalk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  (Okay, so boardwalks are always at the oceanfront.  Duh.)  Their teacher wasn’t able to be there with them, so she asked me to be their chaperone.
Not everyone from the class was able to participate, and not everyone who participated is in the picture.  (Elle, a very talented photographer, took the picture.) 
The point of the walk was for the students to write on the Boardwalk with chalk, the names of teachers who had inspired them to become teachers.  These kids are really awesome, awesome kids and were really into the walk even though it was rather cold and very windy on the Boardwalk.  (The girl to my left is wearing my prized VBPD fleece—prized because it’s very warm.  She wore a short sleeved tee shirt and no jacket.  Typical Beach kid.  Ha.)
We laughed a lot and even ate ice cream at Dairy Queen, in spite of the cold.  They decided they should write my name since I was the one who went with them, and then they wanted a picture with me beside my name.  It’s moments like these that make me glad I chose to be a teacher.  I have worked with this class a lot.
My sponsored children all revere their teachers in the Compassion projects, and Francis wants to be a teacher one day, so I know they will like this picture of me with some students.  Since my Spanish is limited, it was a little difficult to explain that they are students at my school, but not my students.
Oh well, it won’t matter so much.  They will be so happy to have a picture of me with high school students.  How humbling that they think that much of me. :)

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