Saturday, January 28, 2012

Francis Goes Shopping

This is my sweet Francis who lives in Nicaragua.  I sent her a family gift a couple of months ago and received this photo with the thank you letter.  Francis (whom I think is so very pretty) never smiles in her pictures, but her letters are full of joy.
I love the little pink (or red) dress on the right.  She also bought two pairs of shoes.  My Francis will be stylin.  I didn't send a lot of money by US standards, but she also was able to buy underwear :), toothpaste, a purse, shampoo, baby oil (for her little brother), cookies, candy, and corn flakes and other things I can't even remember now.
No matter the reason that I send Francis a gift, she always buys cookies, candy, and corn flakes.  I LOVE that.
I also love that her mother or grandmother (whoever shopped with her and the Compassion staff) allowed her to buy things for herself and not just for the family.  It tells me that she is loved.
Francis lives with her two sisters, her brother, her mother, her grandmother, and aunts and cousins.  I don't even want to ask how small that house is.
One of the amazing things to me about being a sponsor is to see pictures like this and know that I bought that stuff for her.  She chose it, but God used me to give it to her.  That blows my mind.  I love to picture her shopping with the Compassion staff.  It makes me very, very happy, and I know she's excited while she's doing it.

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