Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Minute Gifts?

Gifts of Compassion
So . . . Christmas is in one week.  Don't you get stressed and sometimes even frustrated while trying to find a gift that's "good enough" for people who need nothing?  For instance, I bought a Coach coin purse for my niece.  I shop on Amazon, so I didn't pay full price, but it still wasn't cheap.  Yet it looks like a wimpy gift to me.  I wonder if it will be good enough.  She has so much.

Well, I have a solution - Gifts of Compassion.  For that same niece, and for others on my "list," I also purchased several items from the Gifts of Compassion catalog.  I mean, I purchased the gifts in honor of those people, gifts that will go to those who have no need for a coin purse of any brand because they have no coins.

If you're still looking for gifts, Gifts of Compassion is the perfect choice.  You can print the cards at home that you will give to those you honor with your purchase, and you can help those who really, really are in need.  What better way to celebrate the birth of the Messiah than to give to those who are hungry and thirsty?  In doing so, you are giving to Him.