Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Blessing from Mexico

This is Isaac and his mom.  Esta es Isaac y su mamá.

I sent Isaac a family gift a few months.  I feel a special desire to help him since I learned that his family is part of an indigenous Mexican tribe that is discriminated against.  His father has to work in another place because he cannot find work locally.  Isaac always asks me to pray for his father; I thought it was just because he didn't like for his father to be gone.  But I've learned that those from the indigenous tribes who seek work elsewhere are treated badly, so Isaac is actually concerned for his father's safety.  (I guess I feel a special desire to help each child for a reason unique to that child.)

I've also learned that children are not valued in Isaac's culture, so I would like to give Isaac a big, fat hug.  I try to do that through my letters and gifts.

When I received the letter with this picture, I cried.  I have been sponsoring Isaac for two years (he was my first), but it still amazes me to think that my support can help a child and his family so far away from me.  I am astounded to think that I actually purchased those items for them.  And I'm quite impressed that they obviously have electricity in their home.  That makes me happy.

The amount of money I sent would not have purchased all those items, or even half, in this country.  So think about sending family gifts and see how much it blesses you.  It will do so much for the children and their families.
I can imagine the women of the village gathering at Isaac's house for coffee.  :)

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