Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Small Blessings

I like to listen to the Virginia Beach Police and Fire scanner online. Some people think I'm strange, but I like to know what's going on around me, and when I used to work at a school 30 minutes away, I listened to it on my iPhone as I drove home so that I would know if there were backups from accidents or other issues that I needed to avoid. 
Late last June as I was driving home, I listened as many rescue workers spent hours trying to save a girl whose leg had become caught in a boat propeller. As soon as I heard the call, I began praying for her, and I didn't stop praying until I heard that she was in the ambulance (with the propeller still in her leg) on her way to the hospital. This is the initial story: http://hamptonroads.com/2011/07/girl-rescued-propeller-va-beach-had-been-tubing
I didn't hear much more about it because her family wanted to shelter her.  I even saw a post on Facebook by either the above newspaper or a TV station asking for information about her.  That really angered me.  I mean, leave the poor girl alone!!
This weekend, I was thinking about her, and I was sort of disappointed that I would never know how she was doing.  (That may or may not be hypocritical.)
Today, a girl walked into my computer lab (I just transferred to this school) to get a new password.  She was wearing a boot on her left foot, so I asked her what happened.  She said, "I got my leg caught in a boat propeller."

Weighty pause to let your brain catch up.

She told me about the nerve damage she had sustained and the many surgeries she had endured.  But there she was, walking normally except for the limp from the boot.  I told her that I heard the call on the scanner and that I began praying for her as soon as I heard it and didn't stop until I knew she was safe.  I also told her that I had been thinking about her and was so happy to be able to meet her.  (She also mentioned that the media had stalked her home.  Errrr!!)
It wasn't until later that I realized I broke the law by talking to a student about prayer, but I hope, no matter what she believes, that what I told her makes a difference in her life.  
The look of surprise on her face when I said it makes me think it already has.


  1. Wow, this gave me chills. God really answered you. So glad she is okay and that you got to see her.

  2. For those who believe, there are no coincidences.