Saturday, September 24, 2011

María Fernanda

I finally received a letter from María (not sure why she uses the accent there) only to find that she goes by her second name, Fernanda.  I should just begin calling my new Hispanic children by their second name because that always seems to be the case.
Fernanda lives in Honduras and is 14 years old.  (I feel like I should be typing all this in Spanish instead of English.  Ha!)
Her favorite food is three milk cake.  I think I would like to try that.  Sounds yummy.
Her favorite thing to do is to go shopping.  I love that!  I am reminded over and over that these children have the same interests and desires as other kids even though they live in poverty.  
She is my correspondence child, so I really hope that her financial sponsor sends her money for her birthday so that she may go shopping.  
I think Fernanda is beautiful and that she needs beautiful ribbons for her hair.  
Here is the very cool picture she drew for me.  I wish I could draw this well.


  1. I'm laughing a bit about the second name thing... when I went to Peru, I got to meet my correspondent child. I was so excited to meet "Alejandrina" so imagine my surprise when they introduced me to Jazmin. I was a bit confused and for a moment thought they were introducing me to the wrong child. All her letters come from Alejandrina (her first name) and it made me wonder how many of my other hispanic children go by their second names.

    I always go ahead and send birthday gifts for my correspondent children, assuming that if the financial sponsor doesn't take time to write a letter, they won't take time to send a birthday gift.

  2. Ha! That's pretty funny, Jill. How confusing. I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and send gifts to my two correspondent girls, too.

    Thanks for the funny story.