Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sometimes God Gives Me Goosebumps

Sunrise over the Atlantic in Virginia Beach

At about the same time I decided to sponsor Camilo from Colombia (last week), I also asked Compassion for another correspondence child.
{For those who don't know, a correspondence child is one who is already sponsored, but whose sponsor requests to have someone else write to the child.}
Before I chose Camilo, I also considered Honduras.  It was very heavy (not in a bad way, but in a prominent way) on my mind, but I decided to find a Colombian child in honor of my Colombian friend.
Today, I checked the Compassion website and found my new correspondence child--María Fernanda González from . . . . Honduras!  I felt weak when I saw that.  And I'm not using "weak" with the slang connotation.  I mean it literally.
María is 14, so I'm excited to have an older girl to write, and I'm excited to learn about Honduras.
Once again, I had a rough day at work, AND I have an oral Spanish final tonight.  But once again, God encouraged me through a Compassion child.
Now if He would just do something about this horrid migraine!  :)

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