Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter from Isaac :)

I got a letter from Isaac today.  I love his letters because he’s always so straightforward.  (Clearly, we will be great friends if we ever meet in person.)  
He has always written his own letters (and I think it’s cool that no one corrects his spelling errors), even though he just turned 9, but he still draws a picture.  His pictures crack me up.  I’m not exactly sure what everything is since he’s young (and you know how you to have to make generic comments about what kids draw just in case you have “interpreted” the drawing incorrectly), and because I have to try to apply it to his culture.   It’s pretty cool, though.
He says that he’s learning to divide by 4 in school, and that in church he is learning to respect others.  He writes about several other things, and at the end he asks me to pray for his father because he is working in another place.  That saddens me, but I know that happens often with these children.
He asks me how old I am.  That really cracked me up.  Should I be honest?  LOL.
I’m pretty excited that I was able to read his entire letter without looking at the translation.  I mean, he’s only 9, so it’s not too complex, but when I first started sponsoring him, I had to go directly to the translation.   I guess the mucho dinero I shelled out for Spanish 101 was worth it.

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