Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letter from Leonardo

I began sponsoring Leonardo shortly before his 8th birthday in April.  I immediately sent a gift and a card. 
I chose Leonardo because he and two siblings live only with their father, and he looked so poor in his picture.  (I know they're all living in poverty, but considering that the children usually wear their best clothes for picture day, and Leonardo looked soiled and disheveled, I thought he looked worse than most.)  I sent more money than usual because I wanted him to get some new clothes.
Today, I received a letter to thank me for the gifts with a picture of what he bought, minus the cake. He purchased clothes, shoes (two pairs in the picture!), and a cake for his birthday.  The item that made my heart smile the most is the cake.  I'm SOOOOO happy that Leonardo had a cake for his birthday!
He says that he is happy to have a picture of me and that I am beautiful.  (The translator left that part out, which I think is rather important!  lol)  I love when my children tell I'm beautiful.  Not many people have done that in my life.
Leonardo's tutor says he is a very happy and kind boy.  Aw.  
The picture was faded, so I enhanced it a bit in Aperture.  Aquí está con sus regalos.

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